Providing legal opinions

Our firm has rich experience in providing legal opinions in the various tax issues that help, in appropriate cases, make optimal use of the existing exemption provisions in the law, and allow an optimal procedure before the tax authorities, if needed. The firm specializes in analyzing complex tax issues in income taxation (including income classification, utilization and offsetting of losses, taxation of investments, mergers and acquisitions, trust taxation and more); International taxation (Residency Status for tax purposes of individuals immigrating abroad, re-location, returning residents, new immigrants, foreign residents, control and management issues, presence of a permanent establishment, Professional Foreign Company, Controlled Foreign Company etc.); VAT (on various issues, including VAT liability in domestic and international transactions, tax at zero rate, tax exemption and more); Encouragement of Capital Investments Law (included issues such as entitlement to tax benefits for international trading companies and their shareholders, to government incentives and grants, etc.) and on various issues in real estate taxation.

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