Yaron Zeevi

Adv. Zeevi, the founder of the firm, has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1999.
Adv. Zeevi leads the tax and commercial fields of the firm and has extensive experience and expertise in tax law, including income tax, land taxation and value added tax.
Adv. Zeevi provides the firm's clients with a variety of tax consultation services, including an optimal tax planning outline in local and international transactions, including in income tax issues (individual and corporates), mergers & acquisitions, reorganizations, VAT and more.
Adv. Zeevi has a reach experience in representing clients in civil and criminal tax proceedings, as well as in investigative procedures, different legal instances and courts.
In addition, Adv. Zeevi provides clients with legal counsel in a variety area of commercial and corporate law, inter alia, accompanying and preparing commercial agreements, accompanying negotiations procedures, establishing corporate ventures and structures, resolving and managing disputes between shareholders and/or partners and more.
Mr. Zeevi holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from the College of Management and a BA degree in Accounting from the College of Management.
Adv. Zeevi is fluent in Hebrew and English.